Falls River Music offers Musical Instrument Repair services for Acoustic and Electric Guitars, and electric Basses…

Professional, quality repairs, with reasonable prices and reasonable turnaround times.


We currently offer:


  • Guitar restrings $15 labor (extra charge for floating tremolo and nylon string guitars)
  • Guitar basic Setups (string change, cleaning, minor adjustments to neck and bridge (electrics) for action)
  • Guitar deluxe Setup (string change, cleaning, neck / nut / bridge adjustments for action, intonate tuning, minor fret dressing)
  • Minor electronic repairs and updates (install new pickups, fix input jacks etc)
  • Other minor repairs and adjustments


If specific brand Strings are desired, or new pickups / parts etc installed, customer is encouraged to bring new strings and parts with Repair, to expedite Service, thanks


Instrument drop off / pick up hours


Mon thru Thurs 3pm – 7pm

Sat 10am to 2pm



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